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Riding on rainbows

Rob Collinet designs Toronto- and bike-focused art and often puts that art on T-shirts. He recently created a Blue Jays logo with a raccoon.

Rob is a bon vivant bicyclist and artist about town and dandyhorse is very pleased to feature his work our homepage right now - and spread the bike love!

Starting with Rob, and continuing through June, we'll be asking people to share their bike pride during PRIDE month, which is also BIKE month! It's going to be a dandy month! (Our new issue is arriving on newsstands and in better bike shops this June too.) More details below on how to submit your BIKE PRIDE story!


Why are you proud to be a cyclist?

I’m proud to be a cyclist, in part because it is a human-powered activity that gets me where I want to go, but I'm also proud because it shows that we don’t all need to be in cars all the time, separated from others and the elements. And I find it fun.

Why are you proud of Toronto?

I am proud of Toronto because of it's diversity in culture, art, food and recreation. It’s a world-class city in so many regards and is only getting better.

Tell us one thing you love about your bike.

I have several bikes (four) but in general, what I love about cycling is the feeling of freedom I experience. That could happen while coasting down the Lower Don River Trail or mountain biking in Crothers Woods, but particularly when I hop on my bike and ride along country trails, sometimes near the Toronto Zoo in the summer.

Could you tell us a bit about your inspiration behind your creative practice?

My inspiration for the bike illustrations and designs was to show my love of biking and bike culture. I am fascinated by words and symbols and this comes through in a lot of my work.

The feeling of freedom I mentioned is like riding on a rainbow, I imagine.

The riding the rainbow T-shits are available at Rob's Threadless artist shop:

You can follow Rob on Instagram too, to see his other work.

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Contribute to this special edition of Bike Pride Bike Spotting: Email us and tell us why you're proud to be a cyclist and why you're proud of Toronto (and plug your own project, event or creative work too)!

Email and we might publish your words and photo.

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