From the Horse’s Mouth: Councillor Janet Davis on improving cycling in Ward 31


Image by Ian Sullivan Cant.

From the Horse's Mouth: Councillor Janet Davis on improving cycling in Ward 31

In our latest installment of From the Horse's Mouth, we asked bike-friendly councillor Janet Davis what she's doing to improve cycling in East York and beyond.

Two years ago, I was proud to help kick-off Ward 31 Bikes, our local chapter of Cycle Toronto, with an inaugural ride up the new Dawes Road bike lanes. These lanes were installed as part of a larger Dawes Road Revitalization project. The City reconfigured a major intersection, added new sidewalks and a PXO (pedestrian crossover), improving pedestrian and cyclist safety. We added safer, round-the-clock, commercial parking through new lay-bys, and "greened" the boulevards with more trees, planter boxes and grass. And we built a new outdoor arts venue called "Dawes Crossing". Bike lanes were part of an overall strategy to make the street, intersections and public realm safer, more functional and beautiful! This is the way to build out our network in the future … integrating bike infrastructure into complete streets!

Taylor Massey Ravine

Starting this year, the Taylor Creek Park Management Plan will study trail usage and look at ways to improve path conditions and signage. This park trail connects to the new East Don Trail that will link the Lower Don Trail to the Gatineau Hydro Corridor and eventually form a continuous bike path from the Ferry Docks to the Zoo.

O'Connor Drive & Woodbine Avenue

The newly approved 2016 Toronto cycling plan includes much-needed "edgelines" on the O'Connor Drive bridge. Getting across the bridge safely and connecting Scarborough riders to existing bike lanes has been a challenge. The bridge is not wide enough to build full bike lanes, but narrow lanes, called edgelines, can be added without losing any traffic capacity. The edge lines will improve safety for cyclists and provide a buffer between the sidewalks and this busy traffic artery.

The new Cycling Plan also calls for bike lanes on Woodbine, from bottom to top through both wards, north and south of Danforth. This project will provide an important link to the lake and will give riders from the north east better bike lane connection to the established Cosburn Avenue bike lanes.  Bike lanes on O'Connor or St. Clair are being considered for the future.

Bike Lanes on Danforth Avenue

I support bike lanes on Danforth, and am working with local cyclists and councillors to move this forward. A planning sdtudy of Danforth is scheduled to begin this year. We anticipate that recommendations related to bike lanes on Danforth will come out of this study. We're also adding lots of new bike rings wherever they fit in Ward 31 and more bike parking through the Coxwell and Woodbine TTC station upgrades.

I loved the ride on the Coldest Ride of the Year; but I think it was warmer than the weather we are having (up to) now! I can't wait for another season of biking and look forward to seeing you at Bells on Danforth and Ride to Work this year!

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Cyclists bundle up for the Coldest Day of the Year Ride


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