dandyEATS: Pub essentials with Andrew Kaiser

Andrew Kaiser dandyEATS IMG_20160106_124018
Andrew Kaiser at Nathan Phillips Square wrapped up for winter with his wheels

Sometimes even the most dedicated winter cyclists need some incentive to brave the chill and icy streets, and there's nothing that warms you more than a favourite meal. This is part of a dandyhorse winter series where we track the winter riding habits of cyclists and follow them along to their favourite restaurant, where they tell us about their favourite dish on the menu.  

dandyEATS: Pub essentials with Andrew Kaiser

Andrew Kaiser owns The Emmet Ray pub on College Street (where we hosted a dandyhorse holiday party and bike raffle in 2015)and The Dock Ellis on Dundas Street West.

Why (or how) do you ride in winter? 
I ride because I love to ride and walking just sucks in comparison, jokes of course.

What makes it more challenging than summer riding? 
It is snow and ice, I find the space for bikes shrink with winter snow build-up.

New winter cyclists should ride slower than normal and always keep in mind there is less of us on the round so motorists don't have us on the front of their minds.

What do you wear while winter riding?
I don't change what I wear by much: gloves, hat and now a winter jacket, before i just put layers on.

What modifications do you make to your bike?
Nothing on the bike, I like my thicker tires all year around too help with control and the bumpy roads.

Deep dish Shawarma pizza at The Emmet Ray

What do you do for a living? 
I own and run a couple bars in Toronto, living my dream.
Fried chicken BLT sandwich at the Dock EllisWhat's your fave (winter) food/restaurant? Tell us about your favourite dish there?

The pizza is amazing at The Emmet Ray and the fried chicken sandwich is amazing at The Dock Ellis, but I am biased since those are my bars. That being said Just a good bowl of chilli or whatever is on special at Me and Mine on College.Tell us a bit about the route you ride to the restaurant (from home or work or school)?

My life is a triangle, so I am pretty much straight up or down College or Dundas, nothing too fancy, it does make winter riding easier for me than most.

Anything else you want to include?
Just be safe, specially in winter; you might be wearing a hood, someone else might be, the cold air makes the eyes water. Bottom line: more people, more often, are not used to driving or riding in the winter and are not always paying attention to cyclists or their surroundings.

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