dandyEATS Winter Riding Series: Laurie Featherstone at Café Con Leche


Sometimes even the most dedicated winter cyclists need some incentive to brave the chill and icy streets, and there's nothing that warms you more than a favourite meal. This is part of a dandyhorse winter series where we track the winter riding habits of cyclists and follow them along to their favourite restaurant, where they tell us about their favourite dish on the menu.  

Laurie Featherstone : Café Con Leche

-Featherstone Two Wheels Green Delivery

When preparing to ride in the winter I like dressing in layers. When it's really cold I use ski goggles and a soft Marino Wool infinity scarf. For my legs I wear two pairs of tights: one Lycra or Marino wool and a very thick pair of fleece tights. I find this to be the most comfortable, warm and breathable.


My favourite restaurant is at Café Con Leche on the Dupont bike lane in the west end.

The owners are a super friendly husband and wife couple – they serve fresh-made sandwiches, yogurt cups and breakfast sandwiches. They've got lots of Nutella, and a tasty No. 7 hot sauce. They make the No. 7 hot sauces themselves, and some are very hot – even ghost pepper hot – yeow!


My favourite lunch here is actually a breakfast sandwich ($7) plus a healthy green drink from Owl and Goose ($8). The sandwich contains egg, spinach, caramelized onion and potato and the green smoothie contains curly kale, dinosaur kale, pea shoots, pear, apple, lemon, ginger and filtered water.


I generally eat small healthy lunches – it's easier to ride without too much in the belly. It's well worth the $15 for the fresh, healthy product.




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