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dandyARCHIVE: Warm Showers

This was originally published in dandyhorse issue 1 in 2008

By Leah Sandals

Though cycle touring can be wonderful, it’s even more so when you don’t have to deal with gritty campground shower stalls every once in a while.

Enter the cycling-gods-sent WarmShowers.org website, which connects touring cyclists worldwide with friendly pro-bike hosts. With over 5,000 members from Zurich to Atlanta and Lille to Victoria, you can likely find a willing hot-waterheater-owner wherever you wheel.

The site also provides chances to meet cyclists worldwide… without leaving the comforts of home. Toronto cyclist Phil Strong is a proud Warm Showers member who’s been with the site since the late 90s. Through it, he’s hosted three different touring groups in his west-end home, with positive results. “I think it sort of opens up your worldview,” Strong says. “Any exposure you can get to people who are travelling is pretty special, and it’s added to our lives. You have to put a little bit of effort into it, and it pays off.”

Strong’s guests have included a group from Kamloops biking to Ottawa, a duo who had just covered South America and the States on a worldwide tour, and two young women from Minneapolis exploring Canada. His only gripe? That Toronto’s bike paths need work to get his guests in and out of the city efficiently.

To find out more — about both hosting and visiting — check out www.warmshowers.org

This was originally published in dandyhorse issue 1 in 2008

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