City removing abandoned bikes this week

Good riddance! — Photo by Tammy Thorne

by Amelia Brown

In certain areas of the city abundant with ring-and-post bike locks, the parking situation is still scarce. Abandoned bikes and bare frames that have been scavenged for parts are sitting derelict, taking up valuable parking space.

Well, the City is doing their best to keep up with the need to remove those sad specimens; this week (November 16 to 20, 2015) they will be combing the sidewalks to remove abandoned bicycles as part of a clean-up program they run twice a year — once in the fall and once in the springtime.

If there's been a bicycle sitting in the same place for over a month, you're advised to call 311, and offer as many details about the bike as possible so that the Road Operations and Solid Waste crews can remove it. They will also be removing bicycles deemed derelict without notice.

Bicycles that are suspected to be abandoned (but are still in riding condition) are tagged by the City crews and left for 14 days. If your bicycle is wrongly tagged, just remove the tag (and also park your bike somewhere else!) and it won't be taken away.

Removed bicycles are tracked by Litter Operations, who photograph the bicycle and take note of where it was removed. After 60 days, the bicycles collected by the City are sent to facilities where they can be recycled.

You can report an abandoned bike any time of the year by calling 311. The bikes will be tagged by Right-of-Way By-Law enforcement and removed after 14 days of inactivity.


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