Flashback Friday Part Two: Adam Vaughan

Olivia-Chow-by-Rebecca-Baran-for-web1Adam Vaughan councillor

Photo of Olivia Chow on right by Rebecca Baran

Photo of Adam Vaughan on left by Yvonne Bambrick

The race for the federal riding of Spadina-Fort York between two prominent candidates, NDP Olivia Chow and Adam Vaughan for the Liberals is one of the most anticipated local outcomes of the upcoming federal election.

For this two-part Flashback Friday, dandyhorse goes back to stories we did on each of the candidates. Read what they had to say on cycling infrastructure in Toronto.

Bike Spotting  Safety Issue

First published in the 10th issue of dandyhorse, Summer 2013

Adam Vaughan councillor


Photo by Yvonne Bambrick

Adam Vaughan: Ward 20 Trinity-Spadina

"Making one street safe without making a neighbourhood safe doesn't accomplish much. People need to have a continuous route to their destination.

The real need in this part of the city is to create a basket weave of cycling infrastructire, which includes not only Richmond and Adelaide, but also Portland, Peter and Simcoe.

Queen Street itself is tough because there are many demands on it; garbage trucks late at night, the parking coming off the street early in the morning, the streetcars, and parking in the afternoon. It's a very narrow street, so the hope is to build infrastructure around it, giving the parallel streets the bike capacity, while Queen does the heavy lifting it needs to do with transit. It means looking at Richmond and Adelaide as two-way streets. We need to create a network, rather than just one or two safe streets."


Editor's note: Adam - a veteran cyclist - got his first ever "door prize" on Queen on his way to this shoot.

Adam Vaughan from DH10 the safety issue


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