Bike Spotting Adelaide and Sherbourne Bike Lane Extension


Sarah Wren only spends a fraction of her commute on the Adelaide bike lane, but appreciates the extra protection from cars.

Now that the extension of the Adelaide and Richmond bike lanes is finished, we asked cyclists at Adelaide and Sherbourne, near St. George Campus whether the lanes improve their commute. The answer was a resounding "yes".

We asked: How do you like the extension to the Richmond and Adelaide Bike lanes?

Photos by Claire McFarlane.


Sarah Fortunato

The Adelaide bike lane extension is wonderful. I've been riding down here for a few years; I was a student at the school and now I'm an instructor so this is my daily commute. It makes a world of a difference having the separated lane, especially at tricky areas like Jarvis where cars are turning really quickly.  It's nice to have a little division.

I start at Dundas and Dufferin, my commute takes about 20 minutes. There are lanes for most of my commute. I dip down off of Dundas around Bathurst, and go to Adelaide. The whole way home I take Richmond, which is nice. But like I said it makes a world of difference because you can ride a lot faster on the lanes.

Fun fact: Sarah designed the cake on the cover of Spacing's 10th anniversary issue!


Ervan Cunanan

I use the Adelaide/Richmond lanes every day starting from King and Spadina. My commute is a lot faster on the lanes, and I like being protected from the cars. It feels safer.

Before they built the lanes I wouldn't go on Richmond or Adelaide, I would either take King or go down to Queens Quay. I just like being safe from cars.


Sarah Wren

I use the Adelaide bike lane from campus to Sherbourne and then I head up to the east, so it's a short segment that I use it for. My commute from college to home is about 20 minutes, and the parts on Adelaide and Sherbourne are the only sections with dedicated bike lanes.

To be riding in the lanes is far less stressful than being on the street. I have more room and I'm not quite as afraid of motorists cutting me off. So for the short distance I ride in the lanes, I appreciate them. Well, apart from when the odd courier or delivery person uses them as their own personal parking spot, but that's rare from my experience.


Brenda Nemeth

I've been using these lanes for about a month and I think they are really safe, I feel secure biking here and I really like it. From my house to George Brown I can just take the Sherbourne bike lane, and the the Adelaide lane when I get here.

I actually don't really feel unsafe most of the time, but I'm more comfortable when I'm riding in the lane.

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