Flashback Friday: Toronto cyclists shame bike lane violators online (CBC)

Flashback Friday: Last Spring "City Cyclist" made a video about obstructions (cars parked) in the bike lane and dandyhorse publisher, Tammy Thorne, got interviewed by the CBC about it. Check it out above and stay tuned for dandy updates on the situation in the bike lane.

Toronto cyclists shame bike lane violators online (Story via CBC, May 24, 2014)

Toronto cyclists are increasingly taking to social media to shame drivers who impede on designated bike lanes in the city.

In a video posted to Youtube last week by user City Cyclist, a rider narrates his experiences navigating cars and trucks parked in lanes that are supposed to be reserved for cyclists.

Similarly, a website called MyBikeLane Toronto lets cyclists post their encounters with bike lane violators, including their location, pictures of the vehicles and tallies of the worst repeat offenders.

Tammy Thorne, founding editor and publisher of dandyhorse magazine, says that while social media can be an outlet to raise awareness, the real problem lies in enforcement.

“What we really need is enforcement by the Toronto police and the parking authority. If we don’t have enforcement, all the fun social media things won’t make a difference,” she told CBC News.

Check out the video from the CBC’s.

Stay tuned for a new City Cyclist video coming soon to the dandyBLOG.

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