Bike Spotting on St. George – Back to School

Chelsey Good

Chelsea Good, smiling on her ride, while stopping to have a quick chat with dandyhorse

Back to School Bike Spotting on St. George - Why do you choose to cycle to school/work? What could be done to make your commute safer?

Interviews by Evan Morrison, photos by Claire McFarlane

September is now in full swing, campuses are filling up with students and many Torontonians are heading back to work for the fall. For many cycling to work and school is the best form of transportation to get to and from where they need to go. So dandyhorse headed to the busy streets of the University of Toronto's campus to ask students and cyclists why they chose the bike to work and what they thought could be done to make their commute a little safer.

Chelsey Good #2

Chelsea Good: It's great for the environment, it's great for my health, for congestion and traffic and other people appreciate it. My commute might be a little bit safer if someone bought me a better bike, I think mine's falling apart. St. George street is great because of the bike lanes but we definitely need more around the city.

Mel Racho

Mel Racho: I cycle to work to keep fit and because I like that time in the morning that cycling gives me to myself. I have a pretty go-go job so it's nice to chill out on my bike. It also gets me to work really quickly. There's some really bad holes in the street even just filling them with asphalt would help make my commute safer.


Edgar: I ride simply because it's so convenient. Just making sure the road is clear would help make the commute much safer for cyclists.


Nick: I bike to work because its easy, cheap and fun. I think the most important thing for safety is to stay alert and anticipate dangers on the road.

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