Bike Spotting on College – What are your thoughts on the ‘dooring’ fine increase?

Sandra 1

Sandra parking her bike on College while having a chat with dandyhorse

Bike Spotting on College - What are your thoughts on the new 'dooring' fine increase?

Interviews by Evan Morrison, photos by Claire McFarlane

The rules of the road are changing as of September 1, the fines for 'dooring' a cyclist have been raised from $60 to $365 and include the penalty of three demerit points. What better place to ask cyclists what they think about the fine increase than College Street, where the bike lane is located between vehicle traffic and parked cars.


Doug: I think the increase in fines is good, but I really question if it's going to actually solve the problem.


Lucas: It seems like a good amount to reflect the severity of the injuries that can result.

Jeremy Reese

Jeremy: I think that the three demerit points are more of an actual deterrent than the actual fine itself. I've had a couple of friends doored and it's a pretty serious thing, they've been out of work for weeks at a time. There's just a general disrespect with regards to parking and I think a lot it comes from people outside the downtown core who are not experienced in driving with cyclists on a regular basis. So this increase is a reminder that this is a very serious offence with very serious implications and hopefully that is a deterrent.


Sandra: Racking up the charge that high I think is just going to make people more cautious of opening doors and being one of those people who have experienced the door prize, I think it's great. I think people will think twice before they open the door. They have to get used to sharing the road and they have to be aware that there are cyclists so they need to be more cautious.

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