Bells on Bloor is looking for an illustrator/graphic designer!

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Image courtesy of Bells on Bloor

Bells on Bloor is looking for an illustrator graphic designer!

Bells on Bloor looking for an artist/graphic designer who can illustrate an image of Bloor Street showing how the street would be shared if based on the contribution of shoppers to local business. The image would use existing streetscape features but be creative in terms of the new sharing of the road, i.e. motorists would have only 10% of the public streetscape from storefront to storefront, while pedestrians and cyclists would get most of the space. Ideally, the image would not simply be based on a graphic design but would use artistic, even playful, elements to convey how the street would be shared. A $400 stipend would be offered to the artist for the project. Contact for more information.

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