Bike Spotting on Queens Quay – Do you like this new bike lane?

Jessica, Charlotte & Rob

Jessica and Rob with eight (turning nine) year-old Charlotte enjoying the new Queen's Quay bike lane.

Bike Spotting on Queens Quay - What do you think of the Queens Quay bike lanes so far?

Interviews by Amelia Brown, photos by Claire McFarlane

This summer, Toronto's revitalized waterfront was unveiled in time for the Pan Am Games. Part of the Queen's Quay remodelling was the introduction of a new bike path along the harbour front. We chatted with cyclists recently about what they think of the new bike lane.

Martin Lysenko

Martin: "So far I like the bike lanes, I find them safe. They could be improved in the sense that there are certain crossways I had to stop and dismount where I thought it was unnecessary."

"Today I'm biking from Windermere to the ferry docks."


Jessica: "We literally just got on from the north side and we've only been on this sweet part here for a bit, but it seems really great. A lot of people are taking advantage of it. There's a ton of space and it's well marked. It's a great addition to the waterfront for sure. I felt safe biking here with a kid, it's nice and wide and I think that's important."

"We live close enough to enjoy these lanes frequently. We likely won't use it for commuting, but to come out and enjoy the water and the weather with our bikes. It's a nice way to enjoy the day and keep cool in the heat, I suppose."

Charlotte: "It was a problem when a car kept coming in on the green bike signal."

Julia Drozdowsky and Aaron Wry

Julia Drozdowsky and Aaron Wry

Julia: "I generally feel safe, although the pedestrians need to learn the rules a bit. Maybe huge signs that said 'bikes and rollerbladers only' and 'pedestrians use sidewalk.' We've used them a few times, we went to the beaches once, it was nice."

Aaron: "It's been great though so far, I really love it now that it's finally open. I bike to work and everything, but she only feels safe biking on these paths. The ones on Adelaide are really nice, and Richmond, too. They really make it safer for cyclists. If they build them, people will use it. A lot of people don't feel safe enough to bike around on the streets, but this will encourage people to get out there."

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