Bike Spotting on King Street – Would you like a pedestrian mall here?


Jon's homemade top tube cover made with found materials.

Bike Spotting on King Street - Would you like a pedestrian mall here?

Interviews by Tammy Thorne, photos by Claire McFarlane

In the latest issue of dandyhorse we reimagined what it might be like if a pedestrian mall and transit right-of-way was implemented on King Street that would restrict the use of private vehicles. Local business owners felt warmly towards the idea so we thought we would ask King Street users for their opinion.

Would you like a pedestrian mall with transit right-of-way on King Street?

Benji:  In theory, yes, depends on where you put it.

I just think it’s either got to be larger or not at all, like for the cost it’s going to be, at least connect it to the full system so it’s part of a route, right? You’re talking to other bikers here today, bikers care about getting form point A to point B and if you can give me a secure avenue to do that, I’m totally in support.

Frank: Sure why not, it’d be good!

Jon: It would have to be something where it would still be open during business hours, they’d have to let some traffic through.

I don’t want to say yes or no because I’ve seen the things that Toronto does and I’ve seen things that Toronto avoids and sometimes they fumble them up and sometimes they do really good….It would have to be like implemented properly. There’s a lot of things that could go wrong.

Steve Beiko: You’d never keep the pedestrians out of the way of the bikes if you do that, or the bikes will never get through.

You won’t keep pedestrians off the bike lane, you need cars to keep the pedestrians up on the curb.

Rizzie: Pedestrian style mall with no cars? Would it be all year long? I don’t know if it would work if it would be all year long. It would probably work more in the summer when there’s a lot more pedestrians and cyclists are out and about, but yeah I definitely would support it on a seasonal level.

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