Bike Spotting on the (NEW!) Martin Goodman Trail

Bike Spotting on the (NEW!) Martin Goodman Trail

Interviews by Tammy Thorne, photos by Claire McFarlane

The Martin Goodman Trail, which stretches across Queens Quay was reopened recently after a complete redesign featuring a designated bike lane. We chatted with cyclists to see what they think of the new path and, we are pleased to say that no one was punched in the face during the bike spotting period.

Fiona:  It's good but being next to the pedestrian path, it’s really dangerous. But it’s fabulous

Luke: I love it but you have to have eyes all around to make sure you don't run into anyone but once people get used to it, it'll be fine.

Gus: I think it’s pretty good but I think it’s kind of confusing. I heard that some of the neighbours were complaining because it’s kind of confusing for traffic and for pedestrians and for riding bikes.  I think it’s good, it’s practical for me but I’m getting used to trying not to run into pedestrians.

Patti: It's wonderful. It’s a little confusing right here with the pedestrians but other than that it’s great. I’ve been all the way out to Mimico and back, It’s great but this interestion is a little messy until people understand the rules, pedestrians need to know which lane is theirs and which lane is the bike lane.

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