Bikes vs. Cars Documentary coming to Toronto this Friday

Bikes vs. Cars; screenshot from Bikes vs. Cars trailer courtesy WG Film

The battle between bikes and cars comes to the big screen

This Friday, July 31, acclaimed Swedish Director Fredrik Gertten's new documentary Bikes vs. Cars will be screened at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.

The film travels around the world to look at how different bike metropolises work and what cycling activists are doing to try to improve cycling int heir city. The film features such cities as Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Copenhagen, Bogota, Toronto (and many more!); specifically focusing on Toronto's cycling situation during Rob Ford's time as Mayor of the city. The film will give Torontonians the rare chance to see how Toronto compares to other cities when it comes to cycling infrastructure.

In the documentarey, we meet many bike advocates including Aline (pictured above) at Sao Paulo’s Ciclofaxia, the weekly Sunday ride where one lane of Paulista Avenue is devoted to bikes. The Italian-born activist remains positive and motivated as she loses close friends to the carnage on the roads.

Apart from just looking at cycling infrastructure in different cities around globe, Bikes vs. Cars also looks at several other issues surrounding the struggle between drivers and cyclists; including the auto industry, increasing number of vehicles on the road and ultimately the environmental impact on our earth.

Bikes vs. Cars was recently honoured with a Green Award special mention at Warsaw’s Docs Against Gravity Film Festival.

The film will be screened at The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema from July 31 to August 6. Bike valet will be provided by Cycle Toronto and valet stubs will get cyclists discounts at the cinema's concession, so be sure to bring your bike! Tickets for the screenings can be purchased online at

Director Fredrik Gertten will participate in Q&As on July 31 and August 1 and 2.

“It’s not a war per se, even if the title implies it, but more a David and Goliath story,” Gertten says of Bikes vs. Cars. “Road rage and poor city planning creates daily death amongst bicyclists. And they demand safe lanes. It’s an uneven fight. Activists and politicians that work for change are facing a multi-billion dollar car, oil and construction industry that use all their means to keep society car dependent. But the bicycle is an amazing tool for change. It’s a growing movement, which I’ve now seen around the world – a project of passion.”

For more information about Bikes vs. Cars visit the film's

Check out the film's trailer

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