Bike Spotting: Bike Share: part two

Bike Spotting: Bike Share: part two

The following is an exert from our NEW issue!

Photo by Robin Sutherland, Lisa Logan, Claire McFarlane and Yvonne Bambrick



"I had my bike stolen several times. I still have a bike, but if I am just zipping around downtown, these are ideal because you don’t have to worry about them getting stolen, and the price is amazing. And the bikes are all over the place downtown. Also, I got rid of my car five or six years ago. Since I work downtown, I couldn’t really justify the cost of my insurance. This is a lot faster than the streetcar. They really need to go east and west, and close to the water."



"I like Bike Share. I only just started using it in April. I have some frustrations because I usually get a bike down on College and Huron but there were no bikes. Sometimes I get there in the morning and there’s nowhere to dock my bike, so it’s kind of frustrating that way. But it’s affordable, and I don’t have to pay for bike maintenance or parking. I live in the area, so I typically use Bike Share to go to work and back."



"I use Bike Share to get around the area, like to go to the library. Right now, I’m just doing some quick errands. I live just up the street."



"I use Bike Share because it’s the quickest and cheapest way for me to get where I need to go. In the winter I had a TTC pass; it cost me over a hundred dollars a month and I had to put up with constant delays and closures. I live at the intersection of Bloor and Spadina and work right on Queens Quay. When the Spadina streetcar closed I found out about Toronto Bike Share and bought a yearly pass. Not only was it way cheaper than a TTC pass, but biking home was quicker than taking the subway or the streetcar. Bike Share is also really convenient because you don’t have to lock up your bike and, if the weather is bad, you don’t have to worry about getting your bike home. I’d like to see more stations in the east end of Toronto around the Queen and Parliament area to make it easier to visit friends."

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