Bike Lanes on Bloor

Bike Lanes on Bloor

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Story by Albert Koehl 

Postcard courtesy of Annex Residents Association and Bells on Bloor.

There is finally some optimistic news coming from Bloor Street that could lead to better and safer infrastructure for the many cyclists who ride it every day.

A pilot bike lane on Bloor may be a reality by April 2016. The precise location of the pilot is still to be determined, although advocates have proposed Avenue Road to Shaw Street. This stretch connects with a number of northsouth routes, including Shaw, Christie and St. George streets.

The purpose of the pilot is to ensure the best design is chosen and that any problems are addressed before the installation of a permanent bike lane.

So what’s actually new? To start with, this is the first time we have local councillors (Joe Cressy and Mike Layton in particular) willing to expend some political capital on Bloor bike lanes. Second, the city said it will provide design options and a plan within a set timeline. Third, a Bloor working group that includes the councillors and cycling advocates from Bells on Bloor and Cycle Toronto has been put in place.

The next step is to build upon existing communit y support for the pilot including getting a Bloor bike lane into the city’s new ten-year cycling plan. Local businesses, schools, churches and residents are being asked to sign a pledge supporting the project. The pilot proposal will still have to pass both the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee and City Council – some time in early 2016.

The “Bloor Loves Bikes” campaign pledge can be found on Cycle Toronto’s web page: cycleto. ca/bloor-loves-bikes-campaignpledge

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