SERIES: What’s in your bike bag? – With Su Sokol

Photos courtesy of Su Sokol

What's in your bike bag?

Inspired by the popularity of our Bike Spotting seriesdandyhorse decided to take it up a notch in order to find out which items are most valuable – nay, essential – to the average city cyclist. You can send us your bike bag photo at

We’re asking cyclists to list their favourite and must-have items for their bike bags. Here’s an opportunity to get to know some wonderful dandies, see what they carry with them when they’re out on their bikes, and perhaps even be inspired to up the contents of your own bike bag!

Su's bag:

List of items:

  • a bag lunch for when I am at work, including a banana, blueberry, soy milk and flax seed smoothie;
  • my computer, in case I have time to work on my new novel;
  • my first novel, Cycling to Asylum, for readings, signings and sales, because you never know what opportunities might arise on a given day;
  • a purple pen to sign copies of my book and a blue pen to jot down notes and ideas;
  • my wallet with ID's, and hopefully, a little money;
  • sunglasses;
  • my kindle, because I can't go anywhere without something to read;
  • blue biking gloves that my little brother bought me;
  • orange ankle reflectors (which I share with my partner) to be more visible at night, and that doubles as restraints for the bottom of our pants so they don't get caught in the wheel or chain;
  • Camino fair trade dark mint chocolate in case I am very hungry or run out of energy;
  • chapstick;
  • keys for home and work and my bike lock, with a bike shaped charm on the key chain

We hope you're enjoying the series so far. Stay tuned for many more bike bag reveals in the days to come!

Submissions are welcome! If you would like to submit your bike bag photos to our new series, please contact dandyhorse at:

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