Construction in the bike lane

Cyclists want safer routes through construction zones.

Blockage in the bike lane

Construction causes two-wheeler woes

Construction is ubiquitous in Toronto. But lately we've noticed that many of the few bike lanes we have in this town are suffering from blockage in the form of building materials, road crews, diggers, dump trucks, scaffolding, big holes, giant pylons, and confusing signs. Some of these signs are even offensive: "Bike lane closed cyclists dismount." What could be more insulting that to read you are in the wrong, right when you think you are in the right place: the bike lane. Then suddenly you have no place to go!

The City of Toronto can do better. Recently we've seen three bike-friendly councillors speak up to say cyclists deserve safer routes through construction zones, and now, the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) will be discussing the issue in a meeting on May 28.

You can submit your thoughts on the topic here for PWIC to consider or you can email and ask that your comments be added to the agenda.

We hope the city can find better solutions soon. Cyclists deserve a safe place to ride. And many new cyclists who rely on bike lanes to get through the city deserve a detour that is clearly marked if that bike lane is blocked by construction.

These cyclists we recently spoke to during one of our Bike Spotting sessions agree.

And so does City Cyclist. He recently took a tour down to the waterfront to check out the progress on the soon-t0-be-relaunched Queen's Quay portion of the Martin Goodman Trail and headed east to find the major construction project (new TTC yards) at Leslie is still a ball of confusion.

Check out his latest video here.


Here, below, are just a few photos of construction in the bike lane in Toronto right now.

Beverley street hybrid bike lane/sidewalk.

Confusing signage.

Sketchy crossing at Stephanie.

The police officer was not helping with the crosswalk situation.

In the bike lane on Beverley. Condos getting built.

At the foot of Simcoe - one of the city's newest bike lanes - on your way to Steam Whistle, or the Aquarium or the CN Tower or the lake.

Simcoe bike lane in the underpass is closed to accommodate this (above) even though there is a big chunk of unused lawn just to the left where much of this could be stored.

Gianormous pylon drifts into what looks like a temporary bike lane made with stripey pylons.

Cyclists bike around the pylons. It is not clear if is it meant to be a 'temporary bike lane' or not.

Adelaide is also one of the city's new bike lanes. It's quite good, but will be much, much better when it is extended east to Parliament this year.

Meanwhile...over on Dupont (above). (Photos of Dupont courtesy of Joey Schwartz).

Dupont at Osler.

Dump trucks and construction in the Dupont bike lane right near the Osler entrance for the West Toronto Railpath, which gets a LOT of bike traffic.

At least they seem to have lots of pylons?

Cyclists considering how to maneuver the situation.

Please note: These are only a FEW of the construction projects blocking bike lanes. Have you seen construction in the bike lane on your commute? Send your photos with caption to and we might publish them on the dandyBLOG.

And don't forget to email PWIC with your comments on this issue before May 28.

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