The 20 Most Bikeable U.S. Cities

Cyclists in Minneapolis

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The 20 Most Bikeable U.S. Cities

Montreal is often cited as the most bike friendly city in Canada, and we know Toronto's got to build a few more bike lanes before we get there, but what's happening south of the border these days?

Well, the rankings for this year are in, and Minneapolis boasts the highest scores for most bikeable city in the U.S., according to Walk Score. Walk score has updated and expanded its Bike Score ranking this year to include a total of 154 U.S. Cities and over 10,000 neighbourhoods.

Here are the 20 most bikeable U.S. cities with populations of 300,000 or more:

Minneapolis is ranked most bikeable city in the U.S. As bike lanes and cycling infrastructure have become more accessible, more and more people are opting to live in smaller houses closer to the city's centre in order to bike able to bike to work, and the suburbs are losing popularity despite their advantages of more house and land. This correlation between cycling infrastructure and cycling popularity has been observed in several cities as their rankings rise.

More bike lanes and cycling infrastructure equal higher scores, and many cities have seen an increase in score since the 2013 rankings due to recent investments in cycling infrastructure. One of the most improved cities is Chicago (with a score increase from 61.5 in 2013 to 70.2 today). The Divvy bike share system, launched by the Chigao Department of Transportation, has greatly impacted the city's bike-friendliness score by expanding Chicago's on-street bike network to include over 225 miles of bike lanes and routes. A further expansion including the completion of a 645 mile network of on street bikeways is expected for 2020, which will further increase Chicago's bike score.

Methodology behind the rankings:

Locations are measured on a scale from 0-100 based on whether they are good and safe for biking through these four equally weighed components:

  • Bike lanes
  • Hills
  • Destinations and road connectivity
  • Share of local workers’ commutes travelled by bicycle

Some smaller college towns that also deserve a mention but weren't included in the list are:

  • Cambridge, MA (92.8)
  • Davis, CA (89.3)
  • Berkeley, CA (88.8)
  • Boulder, CO (86.2)
  • Santa Cruz, CA (83.8)

Thanks to the new data that has been added by local governments, Bike Score will now have details for over 30 new cities including Providence, RI (66.9), Baltimore(56.1), Detroit (55.0) and Fort Lauderdale (53.6). This will make it easier for people to find bike-friendly cities to live in or visit.

For more information on bike-friendliness and city rankings, please visit Walk Score's complete ranking of more than 150 cities and 10,000 neighbourhoods.


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