Bike Spotting at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal

Bike Spotting at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal

We asked: What could be done to make the ferry terminal more cycle friendly?

Photos by Claire McFarlane, interviews by Jonah Brunet

The winning design for Toronto's Jack Layton Ferry Terminal has been chosen. No one would argue that the terminal and the surrounding park area is ready to for an upgrade. We wonder: How will cyclists needs be taken into consideration when the redesign actually happens?

We went to the ferry terminal on a sunny Saturday and asked riders there how the city could improve cycling infrastructure around the terminal.

Anthony: Maybe more bike lanes ... and some more places that we can lock our bikes. It seems like there's a lack of [bike parking].

Warren: Physically separated lanes would be good ... painted, well-indicated, that's about it, really. As long as it's well demarcated. That's how we can improve safety.

Geoff: It gets congested down here in the summer, so I think, really, we should just get off our bikes and walk. I don't think we should be expecting to ride all the way in when it's really crowded. And racks, more racks and maybe farther out here...

Helene was visiting Toronto from France, and said the ferry terminal should have more parkland and trees. Then, laughing, she said the terminal should also have ramps: "to make big jumps with our bikes."

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