dandy does denim: fun at #FadeFebruary contest

The Dutil store front, located at 704 Queen St. West.

dandy does denim: fun at the #FadeFebruary contest at Dutil denim

dandyhorse judges worn-in jeans

by Tammy Thorne

dandyhorse was invited to judge worn denim at Dutil's Fade February contest this past Saturday. I have to admit, it was a bit awkward asking young men to give me a twirl and show me their jeans, but hey, I'm always willing to put in some hard work in the name of community building...and free jeans!

That's right, each year Dutil holds #FadeFebruary,where people who've worn the begeezus out of a pair of jeans (and haven't washed them in a long time) compete for a new pair.

There were nearly a dozen worthy competitors, but only three could be chosen as winners. The top three fades won a free pair of jeans from either Doublewood, Freenote Cloth or Nudie Jeans.

Jonathan Cheng (pictured centre above) won first place, taking home a pair of Nudie Jeans. He was followed by Justin Black (left), who won a pair from Doublewood, and Krystian Kielbasa (right), whose prize came from Freenote.

Here are some close ups of the winning fades.

Jonathan, the winner:

Justin, in second place, below.

And Krystian, who told me he rides a Fuji feather, had a nice toque and tats, and took third:

All three winners told me they rode bikes, but I did not see any saddle-specific fade. Admittedly, I was not looking that closely.

Here's a pair that looks like they've had some time in the saddle:

And here are my fellow judges, Corey from Nudie (left) and Adam from Pabst Blue Ribbon (right):

Besides learning that young men blush when asked to twirl, I learned that "whiskering" is not just for kittens: it's those horizontal creases that go out from the crotch of a pair of jeans. I also found out that "honey-combing" is what denim aficionados call that back-of-the-knee pattern on nicely-worn-in jeans.

Aside from quality jeans, Dutil also offers ways to make them last, including a denim freshener spray made in partnership with organic skin and hair boutique The Cure Apothecary. The special "Fade February" scent is a combination of witch hazel and essential oils, gives wearers a higher contrast in their fades, and comes in cool otherworldly-looking blue bottles.

I also learned that Nudie uses organic materials and is largely fair-trade, and lets you trace back the origin of your items. They also work with Amnesty International.

Now, that's dandy.

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