Shooting the nun: Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of the 2014 Good Habits fashion photo shoot with Fluevog and Mike Ford

By Claire McFarlane

The above photo by Mike Ford was the second choice for our 2014 Good Habits fashion shoot -- which was also the first ever fashion photo shoot I ever assisted on.

The gorgeous image we chose to print in issue 11 of dandyhorse is seen below.

The idea for the shoot was conceived by dandy publisher, Tammy, after it had surfaced that Pope Francis is pro-bicycle. It also seemed natural that in an issue about sex and politics, we should include religion. We also wanted the shoes to really pop.

After we had an idea of what we wanted the photo to look like, we went to Fluevog to pick out the shoes that were going to be worn in the photo. (This part was probably the most fun.) We also had to procure a nun costume, which, in downtown Toronto, is not as difficult as one might think.

We also had to scout out a good location. Tammy liked the idea of having a red door so we decided upon St. Stephens-in-the-Fields church where Reverend Maggie is an environmental activist.

On the day of the shoot, we rode down to the church; Tammy with a trailer full of Fluevog shoes behind her and me with the nun costume. We picked up the Linus bike from nearby Bikes On Wheels for the shoot, dressed our 'nun' (who was actually the very talented model, Siovan Hope-Ross) and Mike set up his light and started shooting. The images below are a photographic play-by-play of how it all went down, as captured by Tammy and I.


This is me taping the soles of the shoes since they were only on loan.

We were really to happy to have Fluevog in dandyhorse. Here is the sole of one of their funky shoes (which I taped to protect from the dirty ground!)

All hands on deck!

"What happened to the sun?"

We had some gawkers which later included some neighbouring fire fighters. (dandyhorse did a photo shoot with the firefighters a couple of weeks later. Turns out they like bikes too!)

Riding in heels is not always an easy task.

She's clearly praying for the minimum grid!

Mike will do what it takes to get the shot!

dandyhorse is very pleased to be working with Mike Ford again in our upcoming equity-themed issue, on our Heels on Wheels and fashion shoots (which will feature one of the 'news makers of the year' and a heavy metal rock 'n' roll musician, respectively).

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