Cycling app review: Strava

Strava: An App that Puts a Twist on Fitness

Guest blog by Ana Thompson

It’s no secret that cycling is quickly becoming “in”, and the world’s current obsession with fitness has led to cycling and running growing more popular than ever before. All over the world, we’ve seen an increase in the number of cycling events, groups, and advocacy groups, with some companies even establishing bike-to-work purchase schemes.

In an effort to get even more people cycling, not just for their own health and fitness, but for the environment as well, one company has taken the liberty to integrate a fitness app with some unlikely elements that promise to push their users closer to achieving their fitness goals. This isn’t a novel idea, as other game developers have also tried to mix different genres together in an effort to reach a wider audience and improve player retention rates. Gaming Realms, a company renowned for innovating the online gaming scene sought to do the same for Spin Genie, adding elements of a traditional Adventure-RPG into classic slot gaming, and Supersolid, a relatively new name in the industry, has also tried to incorporate RPG elements into the popular city-building genre with Adventure Town.

Proving that the same can be done even with fitness apps, Strava launched their Running and Cycling App – a fitness app that doesn’t just allow you to track your runs and bike rides, routes, and times, but also compete with friends for spots on global leaderboards. Seamlessly integrating social with their mobile app, Strava also allows you to create your own Strava profile, visit your friends’, and leave kudos and comments to help encourage them on their fitness journey. You can share Instagram photos on your Strava profile too, as well as export your activities to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Every month, the team behind the app releases monthly goals, which keep your runs and rides interesting, and Strava even has exclusive Premium gear, shop discounts, and other rewards. Completely compatible with the Google Fit app and Android wear, it’s certainly become a name that riders can trust.

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