Bike Spotting on Sherbourne Street: Should the city clear this bike lane of snow?

Bike Spotting on Sherbourne Street

Interviews by Jenna Campbell and photos by Claire McFarlane

Sherbourne Street is known for it's separated cycle tracks (a rarity in Toronto) and is widely used by many cyclists. We asked cyclists: how well does the City clear this bike lane? And, what do you think the City can do more of to promote winter cycling? (Note: A dandy story about the City's plan for snow clearance in the bike lanes this year is coming soon.)

Here's what they had to say:

Andrew Fryatt

"I'll still use it, I'll probably just have to be in the street again if they don't clear it properly. And the other problem is they clear the bike lane and not the sidewalk, then the bike lane fills up with pedestrians.

"Enforce the parking bylaws in the bike lane and that would be year round... I’ve never once seen somebody get a ticket. People are always parked in the bike lanes.

"They’re not raised bike lanes so it just becomes parking. So then I either have to go on the sidewalk and risk hitting a pedestrian or into the street and risk getting hit by a car."

John Blakey

"I think it's fine, it's good.

"When the snow is full on the ground, I don’t usually cycle, but I think it’s okay — why, is everyone else complaining?

"Having more paths like this, I think cycling up here in the winter is not a problem, but like going along Bloor or something is bad."

Yannick Constant

"I live on Sherbourne so I use it pretty much everyday. So, I think it's really convenient to have that bike lane, well especially for me to go to work.

"When we had the wind storm and leaves were all across the street, they were cleared on the road and not on the bike lane. During the wintertime, definitely clear out the bike lanes, but I guess because of the weather, there's not much you can do about it.

"I'm going to stop riding my bike in December, simply because of the cold."

Nandini Sathi

"I try to ride all year round and last year was an exception, but no, they don't clear this bike lane. It's not even on the radar, or it doesn't feel like it.

"They could make sure the lanes that are marked as bike lanes are cleared. There needs to be more lanes that have true barriers, this isn't even a true barrier. So often times I'll be riding up Sherbourne and somebody will be pulled up in a pickup truck or delivery truck onto this raised median and they're still blocking the lane. We have no where to go.

"If you get doored, and this happened to somebody I knew, the person is more concerned about their car than the person they've just knocked over. There's really been no implication, no adverse affect for being a less than conscientious driver."

Alex Ritza

"This is my first winter riding so the first snow the other day, it was really good, but I don't know, we'll see how it changes.

"I'm hoping it's just safe, but I'm kind of stoked, I love it so far.

"I think for winter, just ensuring people that the laneways will be clear and enforcing the bylaws for not letting people park in bike lanes."

A dandy story about the City's plan for snow clearance in the bike lanes this year is coming soon. The City has said it plans to clear "key" cycling routes this year in winter - we do not yet know what "routes" those will be.

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