Bike Spotting at St. George and Hoskin: Is bike policy an important part of your vote for mayor?

Photos by Jeff Carson, Interviews by Jenna Campbell and Jeff Carson

We hit the streets on election day to find out how big a factor a candidate's bike policy was for voters.


Yeah I will be voting for sure, (bike policy) actually matters a lot to me.


I actually didn’t take notice of (the candidates) speech about bicycle policies, sorry.


Not a major role actually, I’m more interested in general transit issues and overall leadership ability.

No, I have not voted yet but I will be.

I will be voting for John Tory.


(Bike policy) is probably a smaller part of the bigger picture I’d say. Probably it’s really a balance of all the factors that are important to me: leadership, active transportation and the ability to build a consensus within council.

These days you have to be careful with what you wish for, I’ll say (I’m not voting for) Doug Ford.


Well, I wouldn't have voted for Ford, because I don't like their "no bike" policy. And Olivia Chow and John Tory, both of them, I think, approve of bikes. So that's where it came to influencing my vote.


I'm actually not a citizen, I can't vote, but I would vote for Olivia Chow, I think she's the best. If anyone has any kind of bike policy, she's the one.

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