Bike Spotting on Jarvis: Should bike lanes be reinstalled here?

Bike Spotting on Jarvis: Should bike lanes be reinstalled here? 

Photos by Jenna Campbell, interviews by Claire McFarlane

We spoke with cyclists at Jarvis and Gerrard streets and asked them if they think bike lanes on Jarvis, which were removed nearly two years ago, should be reinstalled.

Here's what they had to say:




"I think it's a really good idea!"


"Although all bike lanes are a good thing, I would have much preferred to have seen the money to open up the East-West corridor, that's what really needs to happen. On Gerrard, there are sections where we don't have a bike lane, it appears again, it goes away, it comes back again. Theres a section thats in really bad disrepair and it kind of feels like you're taking your life into your own hands when you go over it."

Cyclists on Jarvis's "ghost lane."


"Yeah, I would love that."

On Sherbourne and Gerrard


"I think that might be a little redundant since there's one on Sherbourne."

Should the City bring back bike lanes on Jarvis?

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One response to “Bike Spotting on Jarvis: Should bike lanes be reinstalled here?”

  1. DavidP says:

    As someone who frequently drives on Jarvis, I emphatically say yes to bike lanes on Jarvis because it would remove the part-time street parking spots whose hours are never honored by people who park in them. It would also kill the center lane. Too many times I’ve seen people incorrectly using it against the intended direction because they think it’s a turning lane or just haven’t looked up at the lights. When your direction is 2 lanes, it effectively becomes 1 flowing lane. Having bike lanes on Jarvis simplifies the street and helps keep the flow going.

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