Bike Spotting: What do you think of this new bike lane on Richmond?

We asked: What do you think of the new Richmond Street bike lane?

Interviews by Tammy Thorne and photos by Jenna Campbell

What are your thoughts on the Richmond-Adelaide cycle track pilot project? We spoke to several cyclists on Wednesday during rush hour and discussed construction, signage and safety.

We asked: What do you think of this new Richmond Street bike lane?

Nicole (above):

I think it's great, it's not perfect. A lot of delivery trucks or construction trucks still park on the bike lane, but I think that also has to do with lack of signage so you can't really blame them - it's naive to think that cars will just know what to do [without any education or signage.]

In terms of having a designated space, knowing that you can pass another cyclist safely, knowing that you have a certain amount of space that's allotted to you, I think that's been the biggest help. The width is good. I think in terms of visibility, safety, and just getting something here is better than nothing.


It's great, I work right here. It's a busy road — I do like the bike lane. It's better than before, but the right-turning lane is still kind of hairy.

Right by the corner, the bike lane ends. So, perhaps if cars were turning right and they couldn't go into [the space for bikes], that would be better.

 Awkward right turns.


I'm just happy there is a bike lane. I know there's been debate about whether to have it separated or not. I'm okay with the way it is right now because it's better than nothing. But it's a bit of a shitshow at the intersection ...and it always has been.


This is the first time I've been on a lane and felt any kind of protection. I've got space — and it's enough space for cyclists to use safely.

I think the fact that it's full lane -- the size creates a psychological separation that the cars, so far, seem to be respecting.

I think it would be impractical to put bollards or something in the way because cars are still going to need to turn. And I'm sure there will still be cars that stop in the lane, of course; that always happens.



It's good, except a few blocks back [he points east of Spadina] there, where there is no bike lane — there's construction.

I heard they are going to put in separation. I like the bike lane on Sherbourne, but this is good, it's better than it was. It would be great if these bike lanes went further [to connect with other bike lanes].


Oh it's so good!

This bike lane is essential because it was so dangerous before. I felt like biking through, no one respected your space. But now, it's a clear line, it's freshly painted, bright white, and I feel drivers see that and respect that. Before it was super hectic and scary.

I just really wish Dundas had a bike lane, especially when you get closer to downtown and all those new cyclists (mostly students I bet) are mixing with the traffic.

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