Bike Spotting at Ryerson: Is your outfit sustainable?

Interviews by Tammy Thorne and Jenna Campbell, photos by Claire McFarlane

At dandyhorse magazine it’s no secret we love bikes, but we also love fashion! Fall fashion is so fab. We also have climate change on the brain with the People’s Climate March on Sunday in NY and the #iceride on Oct. 4, so we asked: “Is your outfit sustainable?”

We went to Ryerson campus to ask: Do you know where your clothes came from?

Cristina Bucardo:

No it's not, and no I don't.  My outfit is from H&M.

[Eds note: H&M does make some effort towards sustainability.]

Anthony Barrow:

Not really. My neighbour is in a band so he gave me this shirt and it’s American Apparel. So that’s sweat-shop free. But these pants are likely made in a sweat shop, they’re from the Gap.

Leila Timmins:

Sort of. It’s mostly thrifted, including the leather jacket. My shoes are from [takes off shoe to look at sole] Deena & Ozzy, this bag was given to me by a co-worker, and my bike, I made. I made it in a DIY shop in Vancouver.

Andrew Evraire:

Probably not. It’s from Joe Fresh.

I don’t know if my outfit is sustainable, but I do know that cars should not park in the bike lane.

I also know that cars get out of my way when I blow this air horn. I bought it and then rigged it up myself. It works. Cars move.

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