Bike Spotting on Adelaide: Do you like this bike lane with these new bollards?

Bike Spotting on Adelaide

We asked: Do you like this bike lane? What about these new bollards?

The fabulous new Richmond-Adelaide bikeway project  is growing. This week four new bollards were installed on Adelaide just west of the Simcoe intersection, in front of the parking garage entrance and exit. Apparently, motor vehicle encroachment was common in those spots. They are quite far apart, but still (at least) send a strong message: This is the bike lane, no parking here.

We asked a few cyclists what they thought of the new lane and the new bollards.


The bike lane is awesome! The bollards don't really help. I don't notice any difference.


I love it. This is my route to work and back home. Yes, the bollards are good. The bollards on Simcoe just south of Wellington are much better though - they work because they stop the cabs from parking there. I hope [the bike lane on] Richmond is installed soon!


I love it, but I don't like that it doesn't go very far. The bollards definitely help, yes. The longer the bike lane the better - they have to stop doing these little disjointed pieces where you suddenly end up in a major intersection [like University in this case] with ...all that traffic. I'm comfortable in traffic but for people who want to use a bike lane to go to work, that doesn't work.


Why yes, sure. This is my first time riding here. The bollards are good because they stop the cars. Yes, I like them.


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One response to “Bike Spotting on Adelaide: Do you like this bike lane with these new bollards?”

  1. justina says:

    My favourite thing about the lane on Adelaide is that the road is soooooooooooo smooth.
    Richmond, on the other hand… will make you cough up your cookies.

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