dandyARCHIVE: Copenhagen Wheel

The Copenhagen Wheel spread from dandyhorse issue 4 (rainbow spokes cover) spring 2010.

~ From dandyhorse spring 2010.~

To see what's up with the Copenhagen Wheel today go to: https://www.superpedestrian.com/

dandyARCHIVE: Geeks like Bikes Too and Copenhagen Meltdown

When M.I.T. researchers get bitten by the cycling bug, they go above and beyond in making a really cool and useful cycling gadget. Welcome the Copenhagen Wheel.

Not content with merely producing an electrically-assisted bike, the ubergeeks from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology packed the wheel with regenerative braking technology which stores power when you brake so that you can use it for going up hills, along with sensors and bluetooth connectivity so that the wheel can track the bicycle’s speed, direction and distance travelled. There is even potential to collect data on air pollution and the location of the cyclist’s friends. The unassuming wheel looks much like a regular bike wheel with a large red hub, and can be popped onto almost any type of bike. The coolest feature is one still in discussion between M.I.T. and Copenhagen’s city officials: they want to track the distance a cyclist travels and reward them. Who wouldn’t join a frequent flier club for cyclists?

The Copenhagen Wheel. 

This past winter I had the privilege of attending the climate change summit COP15 in Copenhagen, along with thousands of negotiators, police and activists. Initially, I spent a lot of time going to the actual negotiations in the conference centre. These meetings would ultimately be relatively unimportant. Obama swooped in and out of Copenhagen within a day, leaving behind an accord agreed upon outside of UN negotiating conventions that shirked legally binding emissions targets, blaming China’s refusal to have their CO2 emissions be internationally monitored.

For much of the conference, these deals were unknown to me. It turned out that the conference centre could hold only a small percentage of attendees. This meant that after the first of two weeks of negotiations I got my news from the media, same as the rest of the world. But at least it gave me plenty of time to ride my rental bike, provided free to delegates by the City of Copenhagen. Copenhagen truly is a cycling city....Story by Leo Josephy (who was a U of T student at the time of this article.)

~ From dandyhorse spring 2010.~

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