Flashback Friday: Mapping the future of bike lanes in Montreal c. 1897

Bicycle map of the Island of Montreal and surrounding districts, 1897.

Flashback Friday: Mapping the future of bike lanes

By Alex Chronopoulos

It’s no wonder Montréal is a leading bike city; they’ve been planning since 1897.

This map, from UrbanPhoto, shows one of Montréal’s first bicycle maps. Unlike today when there are dozens of lines indicating contraflow lanes, sharrows and protected lanes, this map simply shows “Roads” indicated by solid red lines and “Good Roads” indicated by dashed lines.

Also intriguing is the anti-theft promotion at the bottom stating: “First insure your bicycle, then study the map,” with the assistance of Dominion Burglary Guarantee Company who are “Against being stolen."

Currently, Montréal has 650 km of protected bike lanes, and hopes to exceed 800 km by 2017. According to their 2008 Transportation Plan, bike routes will include painted bike lanes, pictograms on the roads indicating safe bike routes, protected bike paths on roads, paths on sidewalks and off-road paths shared with walkers and joggers.

It’s a fantastic piece of history and warms our little bicycle hearts.

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