Ladies Army 6: International Bike Polo Tournament in Toronto

Event co-organizer, Kirsten White, third from left with bike polo pals.

Ladies Army 6: International Bike Polo Tournament is in Toronto this weekend

Photos by Kyle Schruder

Participants from across Europe, North America and Asia are competing in a three-day bike polo tournament at Toronto’s Dufferin Grove Park this weekend.

From June 20 to June 22, 2014, women and transgendered people will play the fast-growing sport that has some similarities to street hockey. Two teams, with three players each, attempt to strike the ball into the opposing team's net using mallets. Players aren’t allowed to touch their feet to the ground while playing or they are considered out of play.

This is the first time the Ladies Army tournament is being held in Toronto. In the past it has been hosted in New York, Austin, Texas, and Vancouver. The game of bike polo was originally created by Seattle bike messengers in the 90s and has now spread around the world.

“We are incredibly excited about having some of the best bike polo players in the world show off their skills in Toronto. It’s a phenomenal opportunity for polo players, as well as Torontonians who want to check out some games,” says Kirsten White, one of the tournament’s organizers.

On Friday, June 20, our dandy photographer went to check out the unstructured 'bench tournament' for both men and women. Check out more photos of the fun by Kyle Schruder below. Formal matches amongst more than 30 teams begin today: Saturday, June 21. Championships happen Sunday.  Check out the action at Dufferin Grove Park.

Fast action.

Kids hanging on the fence watch.

Patti makes the call.

The chase.

Some competitors brought their furry friends.

Pooch is enjoying the action.

Nice shirt.

Local competitor Patrician Youn (above) was also featured in our dandy 'safety is sexy' shoot last summer.



More furry creatures.


Hammock action.



Valley boys (suck).

LOVE these TPB wheels. Ricky and Julian.

Incredible Trailer Park Boys wheel covers.


Lefty BS.

Como polo.

Ladies army Kentucky.

Wheel horse.

Big crowd on the first night of the three-day tourney.


Check out the fun today and tomorrow (June 21 and 22) at the Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto's west end.

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