Bike Spotting on Sherbourne at Adelaide: Do you know about the pilot project for bike lanes on Adelaide-Richmond?,%20Planning,%20Finance%20&%20Administration/Public%20Consultation%20Unit/Studies/Transportation/Richmond-Adelaide%20Cycle%20Tracks/images/Richmond-Adelaide%20map%20pilot%20v6.jpg

Bike Spotting on Sherbourne at Adelaide

Photos by Kyle Schruder

With the pending (July) installation of the pilot project for protected lanes on Adelaide and Richmond, we asked riders at Sherbourne and Adelaide if the new lanes would help their daily commute. Unfortunately, due to construction, the City will only install the protected lanes (pilot project) from Bathurst to York. The lanes will not go all the way east to connect to the cycle track on Sherbourne - currently, Toronto's only (somewhat) protected bike lane. Hopefully, the pilot will still be deemed a success (even though we have no idea how this will be measured) as cycling on Adelaide during rush hour is highly unpleasant and there are no east-west alternatives in the downtown core for cyclists. Queen and King are both terrible options: bumpy, narrow, fast, on-street parking and streetcar tracks.

The pilot was approved by City Council on June 10 and will include protected bike lanes on Richmond from Bathurst to York, protected bike lanes on Adelaide from Bathurst to Simcoe, protected bike lanes on Simcoe, and painted bike lanes on Peter.

We asked: Do you know about this pilot project? Will it help your daily commute?


Richard: No, Adelaide from Bathurst to York won't help my commute, but you know where we really need bike lanes: Bloor. Bloor-Danforth is bloody dangerous.



Mark: I guess it depends on how long it takes them to install the new protected lanes. They could be useful for me, as long as it doesn't take all summer to install them. I live right there so I got a flier that it might be installed, but I wasn't sure.

Sherbourne has nice bike lanes. We should have more bike lanes like this.



Tom: It will be awesome and Adelaide will help. But I didn't know it's only going to York. They should extend it all the way across. The Sherbourne lane is great, but we need an east-west route -- one that goes all the way across.

Bike Share is so awesome. I have my own bike but when you only have to go one way, as I am today, Bike Share is great.



Amanda: It would help if the new bike lanes came all the way across and connected to Sherbourne. I use Sherbourne every day.


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