Ride for a Dream – Day 4 and 5

RFAD team in from of the canal.

Ride for a Dream - Day 4 and 5

Photos and story by Claire McFarlane

Our cycling system became even more refined on day four of our trip when we rode from Sharbot Lake to Ottawa. It almost seems as if we are creating some sort of a telepathic biking connection since we now seem to have a solid group rhythm. My biking buddy, Hannah, and I even end up doing a thing we call “butt break back stretch” at the same time. We definitely have an amazing group dynamic.

Hannah and Phil making frog friends on the campground.

Arriving in Ottawa had the team excited about a lot of things, one of them being that we had ridden the 450 plus kilometers from Toronto to the nation’s capital and had survived. Others were eager because they had never seen Ottawa or the Parliament buildings. We were all pretty excited to be staying in the Ottawa University residences where we would have access to hot showers and we wouldn’t have to swat mosquitos or spend the night trying to get comfortable sleeping on a tree root.  Although most of us were thrilled to be sleeping in a real bed, some of the boys felt they were missing out on the camping experience and decided to sleep in a tent they pitched in the kitchen of their room.

On day 5 we rode through the small town of Alfred, which proved to be fairly cyclist unfriendly. We were shocked when we were honked at (not in a friendly way) and horrified when drivers flipped us off. We thought we had seen it all until a man who may not have had all his marbles pulled over on the opposite side of the road and started yelling at us and gesturing angrily. We ignored him and continued riding past until we heard him get back in his car and drive back towards us still yelling. We thought the best thing to do would be to pull over since we had no idea what he was about to do next. When we did, he pulled over once again and continued yelling at us, saying that what we’re doing is illegal (it isn’t, of course). After getting him to calm down, he drove off and we continued riding, slightly shaken by what had happened.

The res tent.

We however happily arrived in Voyageur campground last night where we set off fireworks over the lake in celebration of our last night of camping. Today, we are riding the last 100 odd kilometres towards our final destination of Montréal and the team is expressing emotions of bitter sweetness, excited to not have to bike any further but sad that this amazing trip is coming to an end.

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