dandyARCHIVE: Get over it! Keith Cole mayoral candidate 2010

Photo of Keith Cole by Molly Crealock.

This originally appeared in our Fall 2010 'pantless' issue*.

dandyARCHIVE: Get over it! Keith Cole mayoral candidate 2010

dandyhorse sat down with (now former*) mayoral candidate, Keith Cole, who is a queer performance artist and political activist based in Toronto. This is what he had to say:

What role does the bicycle play in your life?

My bike is my friend, my main source of transportation, exercise and pure joy. When he is in the shop getting fixed I really miss him. And yes, my bike has a name—his name is Paul and I love him.

Do you think there is a need for tolls or congestion charges on Toronto’s roadways?

Yes. We should install tolls when coming in to the central business areas of T.O. I believe it will deter people from driving into the core of the city and we can use that new money for bike lanes, paths, parks, all things beautiful and help the environment and beauty of the city.

Do you feel there are too many cars in Toronto, too few or just the right amount?

Too many cars, in my opinion. However I feel that if someone wants to drive and sit in traffic for hours and hours, that is their personal right. But the smog and pollution that they produce is a real problem.

Do you think the City of Toronto should have physically separated Montreal-style on-street bike lanes?

I think some streets should have the barrier and others not—we can have a mix. Anytime a bike lane or bike question arises bicycle riders should be consulted and asked our opinion—the City of Toronto knows we are here.

What do you think should be done with the Toronto Bike Plan?

The Toronto Bike Plan is the future—we have to protect the gains we have made so far with bike lanes, awareness of cyclists, sharing of the roads and positive expansion of all things bicycle. It is the future. The world is going this way and Toronto can and should be on the forefront on the bicycle when it comes to city planning and education. Money is never enough—we need fostering, awareness, proper financing and positive attitudes from all of Toronto, Ontario and Canada. Bicycling needs constant TLC but it is worth the love.

This originally appeared in our Fall 2010 'pantless' issue.

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