Bike Spotting: Wellesley and Sherbourne

Protected bike lanes with bollards along Wellesley Street East.

Bike Spotting: Wellesley and Sherbourne

Interviews by Tammy Thorne

Photos by Alex Chronopoulos

We ventured down to Wellesley and Sherbourne where the bike spotting team caught up with some terrific cyclists to discuss the new bollards, protected bike lanes and mayoral candidates. We asked: What do you think of the new bollards on the Wellesley Street bike lane? This is what they had to say:

Lisa R-R

It’s a start. Obviously, the physical division is more successful in stopping cars from parking in the bike lane [than nothing].

David Servos

They still don’t keep the cars out. Maybe they need to put them closer together.

Ioana Stanca

I’m wondering if they really do that much to prevent drivers from going in the lane, but it does indicate the [bike] lane a whole lot better.

Paul Boychuck

I love it. I was so sick of the TTC and there are so many benefits [to biking]. I just started biking a month ago. I keep telling people to try it. I love Sherbourne. These bollards are fairly recent, and they do help stop cars from cutting you off.

Keith Cole

These bollards are new. They’re great. Well, it’s better than nothing. I think it’s great that the bike community is so galvanized and has stood up together and had a voice – I wish the arts community was more like that. The gay community loves Olivia and they will go wild for her at the Pride Parade! John Tory forget him.

Of course, the bike spotting wouldn't have been complete without this:

Never mind the bollards!


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