Ride for a Dream – Day 3

Good vibes on the ride.

Ride for a Dream - Day 3

By Claire McFarlane

I can’t even describe how much better yesterday was compared to the first two days. We decided that we would ride in one big pack so that no one would get lost and not only did it prevent that from happening, but it made us more aerodynamic which helped us move faster. It also made the kilometres pass faster because we could converse with each other and we felt a lot safer than when we were biking by ourselves or in small groups.  And so the Ride for a Dream crew made significantly better time and the ride felt a lot easier on my brand new Giant Avail.

Along the way we stopped at a chip truck that was pretty much in the middle of nowhere for burgers and to stock up on some serious calories. It was awesome.

Saddle sores are starting to become very much a reality however there is such a thing as butt butter that can help with that kind of situation that none of the riders have shied away from using. You can tell that as a team we are starting to feel extremely comfortable together since we first started out by feeling the need to apply the butt butter behind a tree or tent we however now don't see the need to leave the conversation while applying it.

With another 130 km down, we later arrived at our campsite in Sharbot Lake where we were greeted with mac and cheese and beer from a microbrewery we passed on the ride, this definitely meant for a great day. We then went for a wonderful swim in the lake (most of us still in our cycling clothes or versions of them) and as cheesy as this sounds, we later laid down on a dock and gazed at the stars and at the fireflies in the trees since because the sight was unlike anything you could ever see in Toronto.

Sharbot Lake.

Big hill.

Today we are heading to Ottawa where we wont have to pitch a tent or have to fight off any mosquitos.

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