Bike Spotting: Do you want a protected bike lane on University?

Bike Spotting at University and College

Photos by Claire McFarlane, Interviews by Sarah Greene

We asked: Would you like protected bike lanes on University?

L.C. Pharand

No. Because there are parts of 'separated' bike lanes where cars are still able to come up and park, and if there is a physical barrier it is [even more] difficult for cyclists to get around those cars blocking the lane.

Paul Dollak

I don't know why they didn't do that already. They should have. There's more than enough lanes of traffic - and I like driving too.

Rory McVey

That would be wonderful. A couple times I've come very close to being hit.

Justin F.

That would be awesome. Cause it's a pretty busy street and there's lots of lanes - it can get hairy sometimes.


Our upcoming issue of dandyhorse  will hit the streets in June and features a re-imagining of University Avenue with protected bike lanes. And, we asked 20 politicians, planners and policy-makers: Would you like protected bike lanes here on University?

Stay tuned to the dandyBLOG for date and location of our launch party. dandyhorse is available for free for a limited time at all of our local advertiser's shops.
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