Bike to School Day 2014

Arriving at the Alpha school on Brant Street.

Toronto's first official Bike To School a big success

Alpha one of many participating schools

By Sonya Allin, Photos by Robin Sutherland

The morning of May 26, 2014, brought us the best bike commute of the year! Our family joined other parents, teachers, and riders as young as four to celebrate the first ever TDSB-sponsored Bike-To-School Day. About 40 of us travelled together as one beaming mass of wheels, shouts and smiles all the way from Trinity Bellwoods Park to the Alpha Alternative School (at Adelaide and Brant). It was so much fun!

Heading down Strachan from Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Like so many other families in Toronto, we share a vision for the future that sees 60% of our kids cycling, every day, to their neighbourhood schools.  There is, however, still plenty of work to do in order to achieve this vision. On our commute, the most obvious issue is the Adelaide-Richmond roadway lying between Bathurst and Brant. Cars go so fast on this street, and there are always potholes and construction consuming one lane.  It’s a daunting stretch of road for an adult on a bike, and pretty much impossible for a child.

Smiling riders on Strachan.

This may soon change, however. City council’s public works and infrastructure committee has approved a pilot installation of separated bike lanes on the roads in question and the final vote on the issue is due on June 10. While the pilot does not include a physical barrier between the bikes and the cars, we recognize it as an important step toward a downtown commute that is friendly to families at our school. We are beyond delighted to see it, and hope to benefit from the lanes’ installation this summer.

The final turn from Adelaide Street to Brant.

Judging from all the conversations and amazing images on Twitter (#BikeToSchool), there are hundreds of GTA families, just like ours, who are equally excited and ready to see their kids bike to school. Hopefully, Bike to School Day 2015 will see more of them commuting safely and securely, in their own protected lanes.

Heading onto Adelaide.


Sonya Allin, Robin Sutherland and their child, Sibi, are one of the families featured in our upcoming bike plan election issue of dandyhorse is our special Bike to School Bike Spotting section. We also have a news item on the latest local initiatives on getting more kids to Bike to School!

We'll have more on Bike to School Day here on the dandyBLOG too!

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