Bike Spotting: dutil denim giveaway on Queen West

Bike Spotting with dutil denim

Photos by Claire McFarlane, Interviews by Tammy Thorne

We took the Bike Spotting crew to Queen and Manning near dutil denim to help promote their Bike to Work giveaway – starting May 26, on Bike to Work Day! Customers get free Silicon Frog lights and are entered into a contest to win a Levi's commuter package.

We gave away some lights asked: What’s it like to bike on Queen street?

Meaghan Carr

I want to be super positive here, but…. It sucks. There may be fewer potholes on Queen than on other major streets, but it’s not great. (P.S. Meaghan is wearing Nudie jeans and says her friends can tell she's a cyclist because of the 'seat butt print' on her jeans.)

Peter and Ilona Zaremba

It’s scary on Queen street, so we usually ride on the sidewalk. It would be great if they got rid of the streetcar and put a subway underneath instead.

Chris MacGregor

It’s not that bad, except for the construction. It moves quickly and I like that.

Brianna Kartje

At first it was intimidating. I grew up in this city, in this neighbourhood, but traffic is really, really bad now. I also know people who have been in bad accidents and so I just started to wear my helmet all the time. I never wear headphones. All my friends bike. I ride most days during rush hours. It’s way better than taking the streetcar. It’s more convenient.

Check out the dutil denim giveaways. More info here.

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