dandyReview: Closca collapsible vs Hövding invisible helmets

Image of the author trying on her new collapsible Closca helmet.

dandyREVIEW: The Closca Collapsible Helmet

by Lara Onayak

Who says you can’t commute in style? Not only do foldable helmets by Closca come in various styles and designs, but they are also easy and accessible to store and pack.

You will no longer have to worry about squeezing your bucket into your backpack or strapping it to your bike and hoping no one steals it. This helmet collapses -- it actually folds down -- to fit in bags and purses, creating a more convenient commute and leaving no excuse for riding without a helmet.

Many cyclists choose not to wear a helmet because it is inconvenient to store or take it with them to their destination (like a fancy restaurant, for example). However, the new Closca collapsible helmet promises to make transporting your helmet inside with you a breeze.


For $93 (plus shipping from Europe), these folding helmets come in all different colours and styles including plaid and striped covers – so not only will you be riding safe, but you’ll be riding in style.

Here's a Closca video showing their stylish product in action.

Although a collapsible helmet is a very innovative idea, it was the Hövding "invisible" helmet that made the biggest splash when the prototype hit the blogosphere in 2011. This "airbag for cyclists" activates on impact and expands from the neck up over the head.

Image courtesy of Hövding.

This “invisible helmet” by Hövding is popular for its unique prototype but are a bit pricey. For $450 (plus shipping from Europe), cyclists will no longer find it a chore to wear their helmet. The "airbag for cyclists" is worn like a collar around the neck and it monitors your movements with sensors. Check out their funky - and very educational! - video here. They claim that their airbag for cyclists provides more than 3 times better protection than even the best regular, regulated European cycle helmet.

Although they are not weird-looking at all, helmets by Bern are indeed innovative and also very dandy. Bern's safe and comfortable design never goes out of style.  Most of their bike helmets range from $40 to $70. One of this company's innovations is the ZipMold technology used in the making of their Allston helmet, which also features integrated visors.

Bern’s newest helmet, Allston (above) features double the airflow with 16 strategically-placed vents. You can literally feel the wind in your hair. Made using the exclusive ZipMold technology, these light helmets are the perfect fit for all seasons – available in four different colours for $90.

Catlike helmets also offer a safe encasement for speedy cyclist's heads. The aerodynamic design is one reason why professional cyclists and Olympic athletes wear these helmets. Prices for Catlike helmets are up around $300. Bell Helmets have been around since 1954 and have helmets for all type of two-wheelers ranging from around $40 to over $300.

Catlike at Giant Toronto photo by John Lee.

This is not an exhaustive list of helmets. The opinions are the author's own. If you have a favourite helmet, leave us a comment below.

Regardless of which one helmets you choose to invest in, remember (as evidenced in this great photo by Mike Ford below) safety is sexy!

Safety is sexy! This fab photo was taken by Mike Ford for dandyhorse in the summer of 2013. Helmet courtesy of Bern.

You can read all about the making of the photo shoot shown above, here and see more of Mike Ford's dandyhorse "Lock 'n' Roll" photos here.

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