Bike Spotting at Portland and Queen: Do you support the Richmond-Adelaide bikeway pilot project?

Bike Spotting: Do you support the pilot project for Richmond-Adelaide protected bike lanes this summer?

Interviews by Lara Onayak and Alex Chronoupolos

Photos by Alex Chronopoulos 

Toronto’s on its way to becoming protected and connected, with a permanent contraflow bike lane coming to Richmond Street west of Bathurst to Niagara this summer. A pilot project is being debated May 14 by the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee at City Hall to install protected bike lanes eastbound on Richmond from Bathurst to York, and on Adelaide from Bathurst to Simcoe Street. (We hope the lanes will go all the way to the Sherbourne cycle track.)

So we took the Bike Spotting crew to the corner of Bathurst and Richmond asked cyclists: Do you support the pilot project for  Richmond-Adelaide protected bike lanes this summer?

Here’s what they had to say:

Mike Hughes

Driving in the city is never that safe, so they’ll definitely help. I’ve been a bike courier for 18 years, so I’ve developed my own way of navigating.

I’d love to see more bike lanes.

David Greig

I usually commute using Queen or King, but if these protected lanes eventually extend further west, I’d definitely take advantage of them.

I’m really amazed at how slow Toronto has been with implementing bike lanes—I go to other cities like Vancouver and it’s like they drop them [bike lanes] in overnight. We have so many cyclists, so many lobby groups and progressive councillors; I really wonder why it takes so long.

It’s been slow and sloppy.

Erin Sweeney

Since I commute to work on Queen St., I would prefer if they created protected bikes there. But I’m all for bike lanes and think it’s a great idea.

Andrew Bray

Richmond is bumpy and it’s a pain to make a left turn. I usually end up using the sidewalk, especially when it’s busy.

I support bike lanes regardless of where they are put. 


The pilot project will be considered by the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee tomorrow and by city council on June 10. All are welcome to attend, so come out and show your support!


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