Bike Spotting on the West Toronto Railpath

Bike Spotting on the West Toronto Railpath

Interviews by Lara Onayak and Alex Chronoupolos

Photos by Vic Gedris

The West Toronto Railpath expansion is coming!  So, the dandy Bike Spotting team decided to ask cyclists using the path: Do you think the railpath expansion is a good investment? We caught up with these fine cyclists near the Bloor St. entrance and asked if the pending expansion would improve their commute. Here's what they had to say:

Desroy Richards

I like it as a place to explore the city and I think it’s worth investing in. I’ve been living in the Junction for about three years now, but I’m still new. I’m still seeing all these old complexes along the railpath. ...Everything up here is so old and ancient and it’s really nice, compared to other parts of the city where everything is much newer. But this place needs a new look too - I look forward to all the new landscaping.

Marina Couchmen

Basically, (most) drivers just don’t know how to drive, which is why in Australia there is a one metre rule for distance between the cyclist and the motorist. You also get fined in Australia for not wearing a helmet. It’s interesting because when I came to Toronto, I noticed there was no metre distance between the driver and me on the bike.

I support the city’s investment in the railpath expansion. I commute on the railpath from Dupont to work and find it much easier than city streets. It’s not as crowded and I feel safer on the railpath.

Ryan Fairhead

I’m from Liberty Village and I’ve been dying for them to extend the railpath. It makes my commute so much safer to and from work. This is definitely a needed change. I commute on the railpath everyday and I’m also a taxpayer who supports this expansion.

Jeff & Norah Hirvonen

The railpath extension will be perfect, especially for people like us with bike trailers, seats and kids; it’ll be much safer. We use the railpath everyday to drop Norah off at daycare and to go downtown, to see things, like the aquarium.

Katherine Terech

It seems like a nice path, especially for people like me who are brand new to the city. It’s nice to have a path I can use instead of venturing on to the streets and worrying about traffic.

I’ve been trying to find something online to learn the rules of the road, so I don't have to learn the hard way and have motorists yell at me. So yes it’s a great idea: Double yes!

Dorian Douma

I have to choose between the Dufferin bridge and a bunch of other crappy options to commute back and forth between Parkdale and Little Portugal. The railpath will allow us to avoid these awful routes more often. Plus, the connections it will facilitate when going downtown—like the Brock Street underpass between Queen and Dundas and through the NoFrills parking lot—are awesome.

It’s a lot to be excited about.

UPDATE: Railpath update from Sept. 2017


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