Bike Spotting on Richmond: Do you want a protected bike lane here?

Bike Spotting on Richmond: Do you want a protected bike lane here?

Photos by Sarah Greene

Interviews by Matt Talsma

We went down to Richmond street to ask cyclists about their experience biking there. The City has floated a proposal to install protected uni-directional bike lanes on both Richmond and Adelaide, with a possible pilot project planned for this summer already (fingers crossed!). This would be a very welcome improvement for the many cyclists who work in the core and commute in from the west end. These streets are great access points in and out of downtown, but are currently plagued with potholes, obstructed by relentless condo construction, and infested with hungry sharks. A dedicated bike route on these one-way thoroughfares would give us minnows a fighting chance.

 We asked cyclists what they think about the protected bike lanes planned for Richmond and Adelaide.

Mike Thayer

I think it would be great to have a protected bike lane here, especially if it is well maintained, because Richmond is really bad around here, especially with all the potholes. I would like it as long as there is enough space to overtake other cyclists. And proper maintenance would be key.

Nicola Brady

Well it's only my third day here, I've just moved to Toronto from Auckland. It sounds like a great idea, if it was a smooth surface it would be awesome. So far I have found that motorists here are more aware of cyclists compared to Auckland. There they have wide paths for pedestrians and cyclists, so bike traffic is separated from cars in many parts of the city.

(Eds. note: Welcome to Toronto, and it's great that you've already taken up cycling here so quickly!)

Niall O'Doherty

I work just in that building over there [points behind] and I cycle every day. I am coming from Bathurst and Bloor, and this is the most dangerous part of my commute. The potholes and construction force you to move out into traffic and cars use this as a throughway. I have had many dangerous encounters here and it has forced me to reconsider my route. Sometimes I go out of my way to avoid Richmond if I have the time, so I would use Richmond more if it had protected lanes. Anything that can be done to improve conditions would be great !


Allison Barnard

I cycle down here every day. I take Adelaide on my way to work and Richmond on my way home. People drive really fast on these streets. Adelaide is the worst for speeding, and there are streetcar tracks and construction that make things dangerous. I would really prefer it if there were bike lanes here.


Richmond-Adelaide Cycle Track Study Area (from the City of Toronto)

Shark infested waters at Richmond and Portland streets


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