Bike Spotting: Urbane Cyclist and the proposed contraflow lane on Stephanie Street

Bike spotting at Urbane Cyclist

By Nico Mara-McKay

Photos by Claire McFarlane

The dandy team went to Urbane Cyclist on John Street, just north of Queen Street West, to ask cyclists what they thought about the proposed contraflow lanes on Stephanie Street and other nearby streets.

We asked: What do you think of the new contraflow lanes proposed for Stephanie Street meant to hook up with the Richmond-Adelaide protected bike lane network? We found that cyclists are indeed in favour of bike lanes, including contraflow lanes, that will make their trip easier. But we also found that this time of year brings out cyclist's ire towards the dreaded pothole.

Read on to see what our Bike Spotting from Friday, March 21, revealed. (And stay tuned for our upcoming story on potholes too.)

Mike Morris

The more bike lanes the better. It's just crazy how we don't have any bike lanes on Queen Street. These side streets already [act like] contraflow lanes anyway, because we use them to break through the city as is.

Not only do you have the melting ice on the curb, which effectively pushes you into traffic (as the parked cars are pushed further out in the road), but you've also got these crazy potholes. It's very dangerous.

Robert Maraviglia

In my experience, going the opposite direction of the car, it's more comfortable for the cyclists in busy streets if they can see the traffic.

I haven't been cycling in the winter because my bike was stolen. I just bought a new bike last week, and I'm just getting back on again. So far [potholes] have been horrible. They're everywhere. I live on Dufferin Street, it's one of the top 10 worst streets in Canada. It's a mess.

But overall: The more bike lanes the better. We have a long way to go before we're truly a bike friendly city.

Aubrey Podolsky

I think that's a fantastic idea. I think it should happen with more one-way streets in the city. And I do it anyway.

We've had very drastic temperatures, so potholes are going to happen. It just depends on how swift the City is in repairing some of the really dangerous ones.

Alex Alder

That's fantastic. The more bike lanes the better. I'm always happy to see new bike lanes.

Potholes have been really bad this year. I know I see people around the city trying to fix them all. They're on it, but there are so many. With all the rain it's kind of deceptive, you go through a puddle and you don't know what's in there. Scary stuff.


Stay tuned to the dandyBLOG for our upcoming story on... potholes!

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