Ride For A Dream 2014 will ride to Montreal to help end violence against women

Ride For A Dream 2014 will ride to Montreal to help end violence against women

By Claire McFarlane

Photos courtesy of Ride For A Dream

This year, the Ride For A Dream bike-a-thon that strives to end violence against women will be travelling from Toronto to Montreal and is looking for participants.

This national movement supports the White Ribbon Campaign. The goal is to achieve gender equality and to end violence against women through promoting healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity that is free of stereotypes.

The donations generated by Ride For A Dream go towards the Barbra Schlifer Clinic, which is one of the biggest centers in Toronto that provides counselling, legal aid and translation services in over 90 languages. This year, the ride will also donate funds to local women’s organizations along the route of the trip.

The bike-a-thon was founded three years ago by Ryerson student Alexander Waddling, when he and his team biked from Toronto to Vancouver in support of the cause. The following year, Waddling, along with documentary film crew, then biked from Toronto to St. John’s, Newfoundland, as he worked with schools and media outlets to educate people about Ride For A Dream.

Waddling anticipates that this year will be the best yet since the movement has had the opportunity to establish roots in the community and to gain more support for the cause.

The event will be launching June 1 in Yonge Dundas Square and cyclists can follow the link below to find out how they can participate.


This year, Ride For A Dream stops in Ottawa to workshop with some feminist leaders at the University of Ottawa where there was recent task force formed to help tackle the problem of violence against women on campus. The task force was formed after a female student leader was attacked online with threats of sexual violence and the men’s hockey team was suspended after charges of sexual assault reached the media.

Clearly there is a lot of work to do to help end violence against women in Canada, and beyond. Help the men from Ride For A Dream by signing up today to join their fully supported ride to Montreal this year.

The long road ahead to end violence against women.

Bring back the fanny pack.

The guys from Ride For A Dream 2013 in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Claire McFarlane was born and raised in the small city of Brockville, Ontario before moving to Toronto last fall to study journalism at Ryerson University. She rides a killer hand-me-down hybrid bike and loves photography and Portuguese desserts.


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