Hand in glove: Jun Nogami on the beauty of handlebar booties

Jun Nogami: The beauty of handlebar booties

Item: Handlebar booties

Photos by Yvonne Bambrick

Temperature on day of shoot:  About 0 °C.

Coldest temperature ever ridden:  I've ridden when it is -25°C without wind chill, but much below that, gears and brakes start having problems.

Average km on winter commute: 9 km one way


My favourite winter riding gear?  I could talk about my Schoeller dryskin pants, or wool socks or helmet earflaps, but I think my current favourite piece of winter gear is the pair of handlebar booties that I’ve been using on a new winter bike.

They have very high quality Cordura construction with a fleece lining. Buttons, loops and Velcro give you several options to position them on the handlebars. They work on a variety of handlebar shapes including straight bars. The booties add at least 10°C of comfort to my hands, perhaps more when it's windy.

The fleece lining makes the booties stiff enough to keep the hand openings wide open, and I’ve added a bar end bell so that I can ring it while keeping my hands warm.

Winter 2014 homepage: read all nine here.

Jun Nogami is a dandy contributor, year-round cyclist, and blogs regularly about biking on his blog Biking in the Big City.

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P.S. If you would like to buy Handlebar Booties you can here or by emailing:  HandlebarBooties@gmail.com


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