dandyCommute: Mount Pleasant to the Town of Gormley

Aurora Road, East of Woodbine

Story and photo by Sasha Gollish 

I work up in the town of Gormley (it's a hamlet just south east of Aurora) and I live in Central Toronto at Mount Pleasant and Sherwood. With the route I take it is just over a 40km ride, but pretty much all uphill. Coming home is the greatest ride ever, you feel like a cycling rock-star!

If I'm having a great morning on my bike I can get here in about an hour and 20 minutes. Getting home usually takes just over an hour; but it also depends what the traffic is like once I am back in the city.

It is open roads once you are north of Highway 407. And it's great to be going against traffic; I almost have the road to myself (well half the road) and I wonder if all the people commuting into the city are jealous!

Why Commute?
1) To combine getting to work with my daily dose of physical activity.
2) For a challenge, so many great hills up on the way to the office.
3) For the feeling of freedom on my bike.

Best Part of your Commute?
The Bloomington Road Hill. As you go north on Warden you come to a 1.4km hill with a decent grade. It's a great kickstart to the morning. I'm a little competitive and always race myself up the hill!

Worst Part of your Commute?
The Bloomington Road Hill! Some mornings when I'm really tired this hill really tires me out.

Somewhere on Warden, between Elgin Mills and Aurora Road

Most Surprising part of your Commute?
How surprised other people are that I am  willing to ride that far to work!

What Infrastructure Change Would Make Your Commute Better?
The infrastructure between Highway 401 and Highway 407. This part of my commute is the scariest. There is little infrastructure available for cyclists. As cars try to negotiate the highways and everything in between they seem to get really frustrated with cyclists. Share the road signs would go a long way, on either Leslie or Warden, but in an ideal world a bike lane would be the best. In general it would be great to see more cycling infrastructure connecting the north and south parts of the city.


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